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Blogger Q&A: Paul Eastwood, vernacular futurist

Paul Eastwood uses video, writing and drawing to conjure things into existence, framing art as a form of social production and cultural storytelling. Throughout last year he worked on the ambitious project Dyfodiaith, which saw him create a new hybrid language from the Brythonic vernacular. Richard Taylor finds out more.

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Know when to stop! Spreading myself too thinly?

One thing after another! Just back from Florence; Delivered my first Art workshop; made a mad dash to Bury st. Edmunds to deliver 3 paintings for the Suffolk Open Studios exhibition; Welsh Residency; first week of term for my Thursday […]

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Speeding up

My life is on fast forward again. Well is it ever anything else? So hard to say no to any opportunity and so very conscious of time running out. ‘We only have one life so use every moment’… such a […]

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A Q&A with… Claire Barclay, artist responding to industrial contexts

For ‘Deep Spoils’, the Glasgow-based Scottish artist’s first exhibition in Wales, Claire Barclay has responded to the history and architecture of Swansea’s Mission Gallery by reconfiguring existing works alongside new elements. Anneka French discovers more about her distinctive practice that draws on industrial motifs to explore materiality and memory.

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Now Showing #237: The week’s top exhibitions

This week’s selection of recommended shows includes: punctured funerary portraits in London, intimacy and autonomy in Dundee, wildflower seeds in Glasgow, intimate moving image in Powys, and Charles Rennie Mackintosh stories in Northampton.

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The Beginning of Something

For my first series of paintings this year I wanted a challenge. I wanted to document and translate scenes that contain all the forms, shapes and weather conditions of our landscape. I chose Wales as my muse. From vivid green […]

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