Maidstone Museum
Saturday, March 28, 2020
Sunday, September 27, 2020
St. Faith's Street Maidstone Kent ME14 1LH
South East England

The invention of paper has for two millennia enabled the global spread of ideas and knowledge and has supported the proliferation of literacy, media, religion, education, commerce and art. In an increasingly ‘paperless society’ and an ever growing dependency on digital technology ‘Paper Trail’ explores the ongoing importance of paper today.

100 pieces of heritage paper spanning over 100 years, given to 100 artists to create a piece of work.

Each piece of paper represents a year. We have invited the artists to create a work in response to something that happened during that year.

We asked the artists to use their paper in the creation of the work. It could be printed, painted, written word, pulped, re-created, sculpted, folded, cut, collaged etc.

See what they produced in this exhibition in the form of a trail placed amongst the museum’s collections.

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Paper Trail is a project developed by Appletye