The Queen of Bradgate
Thursday, April 28, 2016
Thursday, May 5, 2016
97 High Street, Leicester, LE1 4JB
East Midlands
Silver Vine Arts

Points of Departure is an accumulation of works created by Arts Council England supported, artist in residence Leila Houston, accompanied by other artists of the ever-growing arts organisation Silver Vine Arts. One of whom is James Chantry, a contemporary artist working with installation, photographic processes and sound that explore the metaphysical, with new work at the Queen of Bradgate space that will feature sound emitting prints.

“The work is likened to a walk-through maze of wooden structures and monitors. Expect recorded music from the local music scene, sounds, past discussions and events that have taken place during my residency over the last year,” says Leila Houston.

“Set on sensors, the work causes an interaction with the visitor. This focuses on changes in atmosphere and the non-commercial environment, and explores the subject of ‘now’ in community,” says Leila Houston.

Set in a very unconventional but historic space, the top floor of the Queen of Bradgate has been used as a hub by Silver Vine Arts providing artist residencies, exhibition space, music events and was used as a featured venue in the 10-day arts festival Summer Art Trail, part of City Festival 2015.

Silver Vine Arts has come to the conclusion that changing where they work and moving across the city to other disused locations will forever keep the exhibitions exciting for us as artists and for our visitors as we unlock places that have never been seen by the public.

“We could get hung up about money and not having a permanent space however it’s the people that make a place not the building itself, and really art can be made anywhere with anything we find around us. This realisation is freeing and very liberating. Silver Vine Arts perhaps, was always meant to travel, ” says Leila Houston.

A special preview evening will be held 28th April, open to the public, with opportunity for visitors to preview exhibited artworks first hand and to chat with artists featured.

Visitors are also encouraged to attend the Anerki Closing Fix (5th May). To celebrate the close of the exhibition and the last art event in the historic space, expect a lively event of music, live art, spoken word, film and much more! Parts of the exhibition may be closed for Anerki’s event due to the sound affecting some of the artworks however, the exhibition will run as usual until 6:00pm on that day.

Follow Points of Departure’s Facebook event page for details of acts and performances confirmed to the lead-up. Follow Leila Houston’s blog to keep up-to-date with her works.

Points of Departure is supported by Arts Council England. Partnered with Silver Vine Arts, Anerki, Charnwood Arts, Interact Digital Arts, Magic Teapot, Myoptik and the Queen of Bradgate.

See more information on Points of Departure’s event page