Column Bakehouse Gallery
Tuesday, April 16, 2019
Sunday, April 28, 2019
Ocean Studios, Royal William Yard, Plymouth. PL1 3RP
South West England
Precious Collective

A frustration with the lack of an art-jewellery market in the South West prompted the birth of the Precious.Collective. Now with over 5 thousand followers (and growing daily) it is a group of over 120 Art Jewellery and Contemporary Jewellery makers from around 30 countries worldwide.

April will see the physical launch of this exciting multi-national collective with 28 of its members presenting works that will inspire and possibly challenge an audiences perception of ‘jewellery’.

If precious means ‘of high cost or worth: not to be treated carelessly’ then the Precious Collective is where these concepts are questioned – it is where the idiosyncratic, irregular ideas live; where to encounter the unexpected.

Strange materials mixed with strange minds fuse into joyous imaginative work expressing individual ideas of what precious could mean. The enduring ‘norm’ of gold and diamonds is challenged by this groups witty interpretation of body adornment, process and materials.

The collective aims to inspire and showcase work to both those within the jewellery profession and also bring new ways of working to new audiences.