Limousine Bull Artists' Collective
Saturday, March 22, 2008
Sunday, March 30, 2008
unit3 Deemouth Business Centre South Esplanade East Aberdeen AB11 9PB

A Sense of Wonder by Moira Third An exploration of the imagination takes place in Aberdeen this month when Deeside artist Moira Third installs 52 photographs at Limousine Bull Artists’ Collective. The exhibition, A Sense of Wonder questions the power of the imagination along with the perceived objectivity of the photographic image. Moira said of the work “I want the viewer to question what it is they are looking at, we assume that a photograph is documentary evidence of something that is, or was real, but in actual fact, we simply see what the person behind the camera wants us to see. I also explore the idea of what is going on around the image, just outside the camera shot, something excluded from our view and secret an absent presence if you like. I believe imagination has a huge part to play in our perception, we automatically make psychological associations when we see an image and this body of work examines this idea.” Moira recently received an Aberdeenshire Visual Arts Award to assist with the project and was selected to install a piece of work at the Home Grown Talent III exhibition currently showing at Duff House in Banff.