Morley Gallery
Thursday, September 14, 2023
Saturday, September 30, 2023
61 Westminster Bridge Rd London SE1 7HT

‘Source Material’ celebrates the results of the Zsuzsi Roboz Scholarship, an annual prize awarding two artists access to courses across Morley College, London. 22/23 winners Lauren Goldie and Eimhin Moran spent the year rethinking materials and process to consider constructed, social and extraterrestrial landscapes.

Join us for the opening:

Morley Gallery

Thursday 14 September

6 – 8 pm


For the Zsuzsi Roboz Scholarship, Eimhin Moran explores the rounded rectangle as a symbol of the sterility and standardisation that characterises our physical and digital environments. This ubiquitous shape, with its smooth corners and rectilinear form, embodies simultaneously the unease of conformity and the comfort of familiarity. Through use of the ‘roundrect’ as motif, Eimhin questions the influence our environments have on our individuality and collective psyche.


Lauren Goldie’s work explores the value of objects orbiting outer space and critiques the economic and political incentives for extraterrestrial expansion. 2022 was the first year a piece of manmade orbital debris hit a celestial body besides Earth, when it wasn’t intended to make contact. This illustrates an escalation of the waste issue and proves motivation for this form of expansion doesn’t entirely have an environmental or humanitarian agenda.