Vivid Projects
Friday, April 5, 2019
06:00 PM
Unit 16, Minerva Works 158 Fazeley Street, Digbeth
West Midlands
Vivid Projects

SUPERNOVA concludes a trilogy of events exploring the self- transformational work of David Bowie.

Join the artists for a night of appropriation, glittering performance and genderqueering swirl.


Kate Spence and China |Transitions

Linking the two artists with recordings and live work examining their self-described alienness, transitional bodies and identities.

Emily Scarrott | Constellations

Rewriting the linguistic content of Bowie’s Space Oddity album which turns 50 years old in 2019. Paying homage to the cut-up method used by Bowie and his peers to write song lyrics, the new text is an anagram of the album’s lyrics, finding new meaning and ways of communicating within a gathering of language.

Paul Aleksandr & Dylan Doe Drag | Heroes (just for one solar rotation)

Interact with these two wonderful Drag Stars as they take you through the process of transformation. Altering themselves to become Drag versions of David Bowie allowing you to admire the complexity and understand the personal drives behind Drag.

Alex Billingham | Interstellar

Bringing Ziggy’s stellar environment to earth for two hours. Now that Bowie has gone supernova what example will we take away from his life’s work? An immersive installation of film, sound and light, a place to dance the night away and celebrate Ziggy’s return to stardust.

Part of Digbeth First Friday |05/04/19| 6-8pm |Free