MOMA Wales
Monday, January 24, 2011
Saturday, March 19, 2011
Y Tabernacl
 Heol Penrallt 
 Powys SY20 8AJ

A major solo exhibition of new sculpture, paintings and prints by Susan Adams. The role of the Receiver is to lie in wait for whatever it is – it, she or he is primed to receive. There is a suggestion of stasis or even of passivity and lack of choice as to what is being received. Adams’ large scale automaton “Receiver” has something about it of the lost hermit, a recurrent figure in the work since 2001; like the artist the hermit is positioned inside but always outside society, watchful and reflecting back. Elsewhere, in her book and print project “They Leak through Me”, people who hear voices are reluctant ‘Receivers’ of words set free from the hum-drum world of the throat. It was in fact the experiences of a voice-hearer whom Adams interviewed – who said hearing voices felt like picking up peoples’ thoughts on the air – that brought about a connection in her imagery between the lone hermit looking heaven-ward and wireless technologies sending out endless streams of information. Now more than ever the ether could be said to hold intelligence that could be life-transforming. While masts call out from the hilltops, satellite dishes reach to the sky like boney believers hungry for a crumb of celestial knowledge.