Monday, July 15, 2019
Saturday, July 20, 2019
G39, Oxford St, Cardiff, CF24 3DT
Megan Fraser, Sara Treble-Parry, Sacha Reid

We are a group of women researching into what it means to be empowered, using art as our chosen vessel and are exhibiting our findings in support of the Women’s Art Association in Cardiff. We are especially open to women of diverse backgrounds and welcome all cultures and beliefs. Empowerment can take all shapes and forms, thus this exhibition will be an open discussion of pride, individuality, and reinventing negatives for all women involved.

We want to open a dialog between women in all shapes and forms to offer their opinions on what makes them feel empowered and to encourage change. From these events, we’ll be able to form new relationships with a wide-range of women and will hopefully create a community where we could discuss future works and ideas relating to women.

This exhibition will also be under the banner of Creative Exchange, a group organised by Esyllt George through the Department of Careers at CSAD, which is to encourage collaboration, exchange, inspiration and information sharing among creative/arts practitioners, organisations and community groups. If you wish to join a larger group on Facebook for this, Esyllt George has formed one named “Es Creative Exchange”, simply ask to join.

The exhibition date is 15th of July, and will be on for a week.

We’re accepting any medium of art, including sculpture and performance, but 2D pieces must be around A5-A3 size, and we will typically ask for 1-3 of your pieces to be shown. Size of 3D pieces are up for negotiation with Megan Fraser who is coordinator of applications ([email protected]). Contact us if you have any queries about art work submissions.

There will also be a slot on the opening night for a spoken word workshop on the theme of Women’s Empowerment, therefore contact us if that’s something you might be interested in.

There’s also a chance to sell your artwork while the exhibition is running, so do get in touch if you’d like your submission to be on the selling list if this occurs.

Entry deadlines will be on the 1st of June. We will also ask for participants to frame their pieces before hand-in if they require it, and to transport any larger pieces to G39 themselves, but we will contact you before the set-up if this will be required. Details of how to frame the pieces will be on the application form, which will be sent by request on email as a PDF file.

Note: This is not exclusively for females; if you have an insight into what it means to be empowered as a woman, please do participate. We are eager to include a diverse range of people from all backgrounds and life experiences, and that includes all minority groups.

Email addresses of all hosts;

[email protected] (Sara – If you have any queries about G39, dates, and other general questions)

[email protected] (Megan – Application Coordinator)

[email protected] (Sacha- Poster Designer and Branding Coordinator)