Bottle Alley
Friday, August 11, 2017
Saturday, August 19, 2017
Hastings/St Leonards seafront, TN37 6BZ
South East England
Coastal Currents


Launching on 3rd September
Throughout the Festival (1st September to 1st October

Wavelength will be a site specific visual experiment in Bottle Alley, a unique space that joins Hastings with St Leonards and one now synonymous with ZEROH and Coastal Currents after the success of Point of Decay in 2015.

A half mile long and subterranean, its position and narrow width provide an acute sense of perspective. Generally under-used, this space is an inspired example of recreational beach-side architecture that we will reinvigorate once again.

This piece will colourise the entire length of the space, creating a bold, immersive installation that attempts to challenge the user experience transporting you from a un-conventional walk way into an environment designed to evoke an emotional response.

Wavelength will focus on interaction and response from
the linear bound audience as they cut through a changing colour landscape of concrete and beach. The piece will be animated by the audiences passage through the space as the columns create coloured frames of the seascape. An attempt at forging mood and contemplation within a tonally adjusted space. The concrete walls and ceiling will be subject to a myriad of subtle changes as the light of the day develops and reflects the colours onto the hard white concrete.

The piece will also challenge the notion of permanence, while Point of Decay was designed to break down and decay as
a result of the bracing coastal weather, the longevity and permanence of this piece will be defined by how the piece is perceived and embraced by our community and whether or not a piece of this scale does have a permanent place in our rapidly changing traditional sea side town.

Wavelength will challenge conventional attitudes and create a debate about its own life span, we welcome this discussion as it prompts wider questions about the presence and role of permanent art in Hastings.