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Sketches of reed diffusers

I’ve started sketching reed diffusers digitally and with pen on paper. It’s partly done using observation but I’ve changed some aspects of it. The wooden sticks flow out of the bottle in the same way hair does. I see that […]

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Islam Zaher: Passive Constructions

Islam Zaher is a painter whose work strongly references sculpture. The paintings in the show Passive Constructions are not pictures ‘of’ sculptures, but they reference sculptural forms and the materiality of objects in space

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Untitled blog post from "The Grid"

Lhergyrhenny’s Astrometric Grid stars Shine brightly across the Galactic Grid Walking along with my friends on a late summers afternoon We strolled oe’r bridge and mountain I climbed to the top of the radio mast Electricity flowed Some sort of […]

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Job Exhibiting

Call for works by West Midlands-based artists

The New Art Gallery Walsall are looking to support artists currently based in the West Midlands through acquisitions of works made in response to world events over the last year.

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Interim Exhibition development: CONGRUOUS

We had another meeting for our exhibition with the Art Station. e  discussed our poster, title and thinking of how the film is going to work e.g. with how we approach the lay out for the house. We are going […]

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The Journey to CoP26 continues

My first post was a year ago and it’s now 3 years of chat about getting to CoP in some shape or form. Even though the thought of advocating 30,000 delegates flying in from around the world to this conferernce […]

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‘Evolving’: Tara Kennedy

I have now completed another artwork inspired by my time spent at the Textile Residency in Blonduos Iceland. I have called it ‘Evolving’ as it portrays the continuously changeable landscape I experienced involving all the colours that surrounded me. I […]

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