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Why artists move: a guide to relocating

In recent years many artists have moved from major conurbations to smaller towns or cities in the UK, with access to cheaper work space and accommodation, improved health and wellbeing, and the need for stronger community networks among the factors influencing their decision to relocate. In this guide, Dan Thompson explores the many and varied reasons why artists move to a new place.

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Why artists move: top tips on relocating from artists, gallerists and tutors

Nine artists share their stories and advice on how to make the most of moving your home and practice to a new location. In this follow up to Dan Thompson’s guide to relocating, artists working across a range of practice areas discuss how they found new networks, refuelled their practice and sought out support mechanisms following a move.

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Artist-led: further reading

Kevin Hunt compiles a list of both online and in print reading material about the artist-led sector, as a supplement to his essay People like us and the new Artist-Led Hot 100 (version ii).

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People like us

Kevin Hunt explores the nature of temporariness and expiration, morphing and longevity in artist-led initiatives. Written to coincide with the launch of the Artist-Led Hot 100 (version ii) and Assembly Liverpool, May 2017.

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Artists on boards: a guide to becoming a trustee or board member

Joining a board can provide artists with a voice in the decision-making room and a way to steer the arts agenda. Nicola Naismith explores what’s involved, and hears from artists and their fellow board members about the important contribution artists can make and why being a trustee matters.

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Disability arts as practice

Colin Hambrook provides an introduction to the history of, and current practices in the field of disability arts, including an overview of key organisations that support disabled visual artists.

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Quality on a budget

In an ideal world you would only embark on projects where there is sufficient funds available. This guide by Rod McIntosh outlines an approach to finding workable compromises whilst maintaining quality for times when money is tight.

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Negotiating a better rate of pay

Getting paid a fair fee is not suggestive of a revolution. So why does it sometimes incur resistance, both from those who pay and from ourselves? This guide by Rod McIntosh introduces ideas towards getting paid what you want and indeed deserve.

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How to price your work

Artists, gallerists and curators offer tips and guidance on how to price work when exhibiting in group shows, selling at open studios, or applying for open competitions.

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Associate programmes for artists

What are artists’ associate programmes and what do they offer within the broad landscape of artists’ professional development? What should artists consider before applying? Based on extensive research into sixty arts organisations across England, Scotland and Wales, this guide by Dany Louise offers artists help in thinking through the various options available to them.

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Establishing a studio group

This guide by Jonathan Waring covers the process of establishing a studio group: from having the initial idea, bringing together a likeminded group of artists and getting hold of a space, to running the studios effectively on a day-to-day basis.

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Good practice in paying artists

Aimed at public sector arts employers, commissioners, consultants and arts trainers, Good practice in paying artists addresses the context for fees and payments for artists’ residencies, workshops and community commissions. 

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Marice Cumber introduces key marketing concepts for artists and offers advice to help target your marketing effectively.

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