BA (hons) Fine Art, Lancaster University

During my course I have transitioned from working digitally with photographs, often transcribing them into pencil drawings, to indulging in the world of painting and abstraction. My experience of working with paint prior to my degree was limited so it’s been, at times, an uncomfortable transition with lots of experimenting.

The rich history of painting provided by the course has informed my development. The more I understand about historical and contemporary painting, the more I become aware of the significance of the work I am creating within that medium.

My work creates the illusion of texture while retaining a flat surface. For my degree show I will exhibit a cohesive body of work that explores the illusion of texture and façade. These paintings will be ‘worlds’ created from brush marks, gesture, and the physical act of painting. The viewer will become a participant assuming the role of an embodied spectator.

I want my degree show to showcase my creative outlet at this milestone and capture a glimpse of the future possibilities of my practice. My intention is to produce a body of work that exhibits a unique visual language. The degree show will provide a platform for me to display a practice I can call my own.

After I graduate, I plan to continue in my creative journey as an artist, continue to grow, learn from my surroundings, experiment and reflect on my personal development. In the long term, I aim to become a full-time artist.

Degree Show: 19-30 June.

Demi Bromfield, Untitled, 2018.

Demi Bromfield, Untitled, 2018.