BDes (Hons) Graphic Design and Illustration, Belfast School of Art, University of Ulster

Throughout the course I’ve improved the quality and richness of my work, but I always strive for better.

My degree show will include a number of zines that feature strange and wacky comic panels, a newspaper titled The Graduate and large digital prints of my final works, plus a huge illustration. I’ll probably make stickers too – all the typical shameless self-promotion that comes with graduating!

In terms of what I want to achieve, other than putting my name out there and finding new contacts and clients, I’d like a sense of satisfaction. But me being me, I know that I’ll never be quite satisfied.

I try to downplay the importance of the degree show in my head. Even if I get I disappointing final grade or something goes wrong in my final show, I can’t allow myself to think that my entire future career relies solely on these next few months.

After graduation, I’m keeping my options open. I’ll live in Belfast for another year and in that time I’ll take a trip over to London and New York. I have no grand ambitions of getting published immediately but I want to get myself in the habit of being pro-active.

Degree show: 8 – 16 June.

Georgina Boyd, Teamwork.

Georgina Boyd, Skating in LA.

1. Georgina Boyd, Janvier, Metro.
2. Georgina Boyd, Teamwork means you do everything I tell you.
3. Georgina Boyd, Skating in LA.