BA (Hons) Fine Art, Nottingham Trent University

In the time I’ve been doing my course, my understanding about painting has transformed and expanded. It’s not just about oil on canvas but instead has become a methodology with which I approach different mediums and materials.

And because the course doesn’t limit you to any particular pathway, I’ve been able to explore a whole spectrum of art making and materials. There are a lot of opportunities to collaborate and work with peers, engaging with different narratives. I can even work with technical staff in other departments and this has resulted in creating some machine-knitted fabric using a design that was part of my sculptural painting. I now see painting as a concept and a framework which supports my installation work.

For my degree show I’m working on a new mixed-media installation that involves multiple video projections onto sculptural objects placed on the floor and hung from the ceiling. It explores the passage of time and personal memory of my study as an international student here.

The experience of setting up the exhibition, organising the space and resources together with other students will be challenging but rewarding. I see the degree show as not just about exhibiting my own work, but also about how to curate and cooperate with others.

Most importantly, the degree show will be a milestone in my journey towards being a professional practicing artist. I want to keep the intensity of art making and carry it with me in future.

After graduation I will go back to my home town in Hong Kong and I’m looking forward to setting up my own studio and establishing networks with local artists. After the experience of engaging in the curatorial process in the UK, I would love to build a connection between the art circles of Nottingham and Hong Kong because Nottingham is such a vibrant city with a huge number of galleries and arts organisations. I’ve been looking at some MA courses in the UK which I’m really interested in, so I might come back in a few years. But who knows?

Degree show: 2 – 9 June.

Heidi Chan, Acrylic I.

Heidi Chan, Acrylic IV.

1. Heidi Chan, Acrylic I.
2. Heidi Chan, Acrylic I.
3. Heidi Chan, Acrylic IV.