BA (Hons) Painting, Gray’s School of Art, Robert Gordon University, Aberdeen

In the first two years at Gray’s we were given very specific briefs, often challenging us with topics that were out of our comfort zones, but this taught me so much. In my third year, my interests turned to personal memories and how I could depict them, focusing on a particular time period. This theme has remained and in my final year I have been informed by the collective of memories from one family home. My practice is an exploration of how I can exploit personal moments through the process of painting.

My works originate from drawings, reflecting upon the sensations I felt while engrossed in the memory – a specific texture, a precise colour or particular noise. Shape is an extremely important element of my paintings. I believe using distinguished shapes relating to individual objects and spaces, which are often suppressed beneath layers in the painting, harmonise with the mysterious workings of our minds and memory. The medium varies from painting to painting, oil, acrylic and household paint are all used along with drawing materials such as charcoal and oil bars.

The lead up to the degree show it is going to be the busiest couple of months to date in the studio. Personally I believe the show will allow me to acknowledge how an audience reacts to my work. I do not describe the memories behind my paintings too much, I only hint at ideas with my titles and a viewer’s interpretation is extremely refreshing and fascinating.

As an artist I believe curating a show is an extremely valuable experience. Hanging paintings in a blank white space totally changes how we have seen the work before. Previously, the paintings are in busy studio spaces and are surrounded by all our development work. Seeing the painting with breathing space alongside my other works will allow me to view my paintings in a whole new way.

After graduation I will continue with my practice, but in my hometown of Edinburgh. Moving home will hopefully allow me to save and travel to various places. I think this would hugely benefit my practice as it would fuel a whole range of new ideas and material to work with. I don’t think I can plan too far into the future, as who knows what opportunities may appear.

Degree show: 16 – 23 June.

Katie Avey, In the front garden, 17x21cm.

Katie Avey, Christmas Cards and Larch Grove, 119x140cm.

1. Katie Avey, Locket, 57x72cm.
2. Katie Avey, In the front garden, 17x21cm.
3. Katie Avey, Christmas Cards and Larch Grove, 119x140cm.