BA (Hons) Fine Art (Painting and Printmaking), Glasgow School of Art.

“I make paintings by collaging ideas I have from different films, books, magazines, artworks and album covers. I like to combine visuals that often don’t relate and paint using contrasting colours and patterns to make strange imagery influenced by elements of psychedelia, surrealism and visionary art.”

Anna-Louise Mulvenna on Instagram

Degree Show: You can see more of Anna’s work in Glasgow School of Art’s online showcase and through @graduateshowcase on Instagram.

1. Anna-Louise Mulvenna, O’ Gnashing teeth of the Earth, 2020, oil painting.
2. Anna-Louise Mulvenna, Venus in Furs, 2020, oil painting.
3. Anna-Louise Mulvenna, Les yeux, 2019, oil painting.