BA (Hons), Fine Art: Painting and Printmaking, Glasgow School of Art.

“My practice explores spatial experiences and aesthetics within the context of the domestic and local. Working primarily between javaScript code sketches and the painting these are projected on to, I investigate a cyclical feed between mediums and place and non-places. This theme of recovery and replay of the linear acts as mirror of interest in the vacuum created in the overlap and boundary of both spatial and temporal elements of a locality.”

Jackie Hoefnagels on Instagram

Degree Show: Glasgow School of Art’s online showcase of work by this year’s graduating artists launches Friday 29 May


Details of accompanying physical Graduate Showcases, due to take place over 2020/21, are to be announced.


Glasgow School of Art students have independently built a simulator version of their degree show which will allow users to walk around our show virtually


1. Jackie Hoefnagels, Sun, Pots, Seat, oil on canvas with Java Code Sketch, 1.5×1.5m, 2019.
2. Jackie Hoefnagels, Sweet Soil Toil, oil on canvas with JavaScript code sketch and garden audio recordings, 1.35×1.6m, 2020.