BA Fine Art, Central Saint Martins

Katarina’s recent work has been an exploration of the amalgamation of digital and painting, and the augmentation of materiality from screen to surface, in which she creates digital drawings that she translates into oil paintings. The current situation has allowed her to focus on manifesting new ideas, especially with smaller-scale works. The colour schemes are a concoction of the more traditional oil palette (e.g. cadmium yellow, phthalo blue) and more ‘artificial-looking’ neon colours that are used to demonstrate the conversation between the real and the digital painting.

Katarina Lalic on Instagram

Degree show: Katarina’s recent work has been featured on the CSM graduate showcase as well as the show The (Grad) Show Must Go On for AucArt.

1. Katarina Lalic, Blue and green #33, 30x40cm, oil and acrylic on canvas, available on @theartling
2. Katarina Lalic, PURPLE TUBES, 35x40cm, oil, acrylic and marble on canvas
3. Katarina Lalic, HANGING TIME, 45x60cm, oil and acrylic on canvas, available on