BA (Hons) Fine Art Mixed Media, University of Westminster.

“My work interrogates the intersection between blackness and womanhood, encouraging black women to see the beauty in our melanin and heritage. Bittersweet yet empowering, it serves to examine the history behind the prejudices that affect us most. From the wisdom of enslaved women who plaited rice into their hair for survival, to the courage of those at the Igbo Landing who chose death over bondage all those years ago, I paint black women back into their rightful place in British history.”

Lauren-Marie Haywood on Instagram

Degree Show: University of Westminster’s degree show will take place in mid-November (dates TBC) and will be held in the Ambika P3 gallery on Baker Street, London.

You can see more of Lauren’s work on her website

1. Lauren-Marie Haywood, The Blacker the Berries, 2019, resin.
2. Lauren-Marie Haywood, Candy floss Fro, 2019, wadding and polymer clay.
3. Lauren-Marie Haywood, BLK RICE/VESSELS, 2020, resin, black rice and fabric.