BA (Hons) Fine Art, Nottingham Trent University.

Madeline Denny-Gelder is an artist who primarily works with clay, drawn to the material for its tactile nature and clear sense of touch manipulation. She explains:

“I use the material to explore an ongoing interest in craft, process and the domestic, creating hand-built sculpture and thrown objects. My interest lies within people’s interaction with ceramics, and I explore this through the relationship between the haptic and the optic.”

Degree Show: Dates for the Nottingham Trent University show, entitled ‘Liminal’, are still to be confirmed. A website showcasing the work of graduating artists will be live from 26 June 2020. Follow NTU Fine Art on Instagram for updates.

Madeline Denny-Gelder on Instagram

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1. Madeline Denny-Gelder, Untitled 5, printed images and glazed crank, 2020.
2. Madeline Denny-Gelder, Pot V, glazed crank, 2020.
3. Madeline Denny-Gelder, Pot I and II, glazed crank, 2019.