BA (Hons) Fine Art Mixed Media, University of Westminster.

“Rejecting colour and femininity I choose to use an achromatic palette. Dressed in black overalls – builder aesthetic – I am ready to go to work. Domestic feminine abilities are present in my use of multitasking, exploring ideas of gender and race through ‘blackness’ and ‘masculinity’ – performing, embodying painting. Man-spreading my female form, taking on the archetype of an ‘artist’, my work questions Euro-patriarchal knowledge and the Female gaze.”

Miya Browne on Instagram

Degree Show: The University Of Westminster degree show has been postponed; online show TBC.

1. Miya Browne, Big Black Fuck Off Painting, 2020
2. Miya Browne, Maternal Scream, 2020
3. Miya Browne, Studies of Insanity, 2020.
4. Miya Browne, Studies of Insanity, 2019.