BA Fine Art (International), University of Leeds.

“My praxis is centred upon the notion of ‘lumphood’,” explains Poppy Jones-Little. “I strip away appearances, exposing the lumpen substances within.”

Utilising found ‘waste’ materials, her approach is in part informed by a desire to make art that doesn’t impact on the environment. In exploring notions of form and function, her work finds intrigue and purpose in absence.

She adds: “A lump exists at the cusp, it occupies a space within the outer limits of our recognition; it creeps in without intention to denote a non-thing.”

Poppy Jones-Little on Instagram

Degree show: The university’s BA Fine Art students are presenting their ‘Simmer’ show online.

1,2. Poppy Jones-Little, lumpig at the discretion of the conservator, deconstructed sofa, 2020.
3. Poppy Jones-Little, multi-lump bound states, found wood, elastic and foam, 2020.
4. Poppy Jones-Little, the lump of stuff which makes her up, image of towel with unthreaded towel, 2020.