BA (Hons), Fine Art: Painting and Printmaking, Glasgow School of Art.

Speaking about his work, Robert McCormack says:

“A collection of dogs gather, two adults and one pup. Forgetting their pack, they articulate themselves through the nuclear family unit that domesticated them. Cast charcoal paws frantically draw self portraits while quiet rubber tongues erase them. Wooden armatures, that signal dog bodies, are hijacked and repurposed as drawing machines. Traces of Crufts apparatus, playground equipment and bones fight for attention as drawings move through a looping violent additive and reductive process.”

Robert McCormack on Instagram

Degree Show: Glasgow School of Art’s online showcase of work by this year’s graduating artists launches Friday 29 May

Details of accompanying physical Graduate Showcases, due to take place over 2020/21, are to be announced.

1. Robert McCormack, Top Marks Super Star, 2020.
2. Robert McCormack, instillation including drawing, cast charcoal dog paws, rubber eraser tongues and drawing machines.