Graduate Diploma in Fine Art, West Dean College of Arts and Conservation

“My work explores spatial complexity and perception, architectonic composition and colour.”

Ruth Heaton’s work consciously explores boundaries and crossovers between two- and three-dimensional practice. Sculptural lines transfer over into increasingly complex grids and visual systems within paintings, built up in layers in order to create a sense of rhythm and depth through the repetition of visual phrases, structure and tone.

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Degree show: Online Summer Show from 13 July 2020 at followed by a publication. A physical exhibition at London’s Copeland Gallery will take place in January 2021. The Summer Show website will remain up until the London exhibition closes.

1. Ruth Heaton, Open Ray, 2020, 150x150cm, acrylic, emulsion, ink, gouache and oil on canvas.
2. Ruth Heaton, Tavistock, 2020, powder coated steel sculpture.
3. Ruth Heaton, Pillar, 2020, 100x100cm, acrylic, gouache, oil on canvas.