BA (Hons) Fine Art: Studio, Site and Context, Swansea College of Art.

The multidisciplinary artist working in performance, sculpture, photography, installation art, poetry and essay discusses her/their work.

“My practice is rooted in research, enquiry, self-reflection and critique. Through understanding the effects of social, cultural and institutionalized conditioning, my aim is to question what is given and look for what is not seen. To understand my own privilege and dismantle hierarchies. To be an ally. To never stop questioning and educating myself.

“One of my ongoing projects is On your face, a collective created by and for queer artists with a connection to Wales.”

Instagram @africa.olle/ @onyourfacecollective/

Degree Show: Swansea College of Art Summer Degree Shows 2021 launches 8 July 2021. Work by 16 final year Fine Art students including Àfrica Ollé can also be viewed at

1. Àfrica Ollé, I am not my vulva, sculpture from Installation: ‘A retrospective of selfhood and identity’, 2020-2021.
2. Àfrica Ollé, Will it ever end?, video performance, 2019-2020.
3. Àfrica Ollé , It’s easier to step on me if you dehumanize me and give me names, public performance, 2018-2019.