BA (Hons) Fine Art, Coventry University.

BISECT says:

“BISECT means to divide into two exactly equal parts, representing how my two bodies are equal halves of one whole. Through my practice I explore a non-normative identity as the physical manifestation of 1+1=1. Wearing matching outfits, living under one name and referring to my two bodies singularly is crucial to my practice; I am a self-proclaimed piece of Living Art. Therefore, my physical practice is an extension to my life as BISECT.”

Instagram: @b.i.s.e.c.t

Degree Show: 2021 Coventry Undergrad Degree Show

Art work made from three small, glass bottles with cork stoppers. The middle bottle is shaped like a heart.
BISECT, All of Me, my two bodies mixed, hair, nails and blood, 2021.
A head peeps out from a horizontal frame which is positioned above a yellow, black and grey checked sweater.
BISECT, Merged Face, long exposure photography, 2019.
Two seated figures wearing in a single, white dress.
BISECT, The Best Day of My Life, long exposure photography, 2019.