BA (Hons) Fine Art, Falmouth University.

Catalina Ungureanu says:

“Ideas of religion, existentialism and dictatorship dominate the iconography of my pieces, conveying layers of personal experience towards the subject matter. My practice is informed by different sources, from literature, film and my own cultural background. Growing up in Romania enforced experiences upon me that resonate within my work, particularly the strong presence of religion and the phantom of the communist regime, ideas visually carried to a sense of parody and absurdism.”

Instagram: @catalinaa_u

Degree Show: Falmouth Showcase online from 26 July 2021

Two figures seated on a sofa are smoking cigarettes. One figure is naked apart from a dark cloak and a pair of pink stockings. A doorway in the blue wall behind them leads to a mountainous landscape.
Catalina Ungureanu, Language Has Failed Me, screenprint and oil painting on canvas, 2020.
A naked figure sits in a free-standing bath tub. Another figure draped in a red towel is about to step into the bath. A doorway in the pink wall behind them leads to a dystopian townscape where many figures appear to be trapped in glass cases.
Catalina Ungureanu, Language Has Failed Me II, screenprint and oil painting on canvas, 2021.
Figures appropriated from a painting of the deposition by Jacopo Bassano are being watched over by CCTV cameras mounted on a lamp post.
Catalina Ungureanu, Under His Eye (after Jacopo Bassano), screenprint on wood panels, 2021.