Class of 2021: Edward Scott

BA(Hons) Fine Art, Falmouth University.

Edward Scott’s work seeks to represent with honesty, something of the ineffable aspects of being. His practice is primarily concerned with representing the way he sees his world; addressing key issues concerning the phenomena of perceived time. Underpinned by the tension between the realities and romantics of a past and future in conflict, paintings hang in suspense and stand as testament to the haptic rawness of life- mythologising the ordinary as a means of escape.

Instagram: @edwardscottartist

Degree Show: Falmouth Showcase online from 26 July 2021

1. Edward Scott, At Night They Try To Fly, oil on canvas, 113x183cm, 2021.
2. Edward Scott, Walking To Parties Whilst It’s Still Light Outside, oil on canvas, 120x85cm, 2021.
3. Edward Scott, Won’t It Be Strange When We’re All Fully Grown, oil on canvas, 75x85cm, 2021.