BA (Hons) Fine Art, University of Suffolk

“Within my work I am exploring the glamorisation of sexual objectification of the female form, which is primarily dominant within the cinema. I do this by creating small clay sculptures of breasts to represent the sexualisation and idealisation of women and capture this through projection and installation, portraying the female form as food for consumption, a desirable and an object that has been accentuated by the male gaze through the media and the cinema.”

Instagram: @ellaart___

Degree Show: opens online, 24 June 2021 at


1. Ella Lockwood, Gobstoppers, 45x60cm, photograph of clay, acrylic paint, plastic, 2020.

2. Ella Lockwood, Sweet Tooth, installation, projection, cellophane, 2021.

3. Ella Lockwood, Are You Watching?, installation view, projection, clay, acrylic paint, 2021.