BA (Hons) Sculpture: Casting, Carving, Construction, Carmarthen School of Art, Coleg sir Gar

“My work explores the simulation of pregnancy through alternative methods of experience.  Using lemons (fertile objects) and citric acid (an allergen), a conflicting dynamic of unfunctional femininity is realised. The body is presented in a position of discomfort and irritation: a surreal reflection of my relationship with womanhood and infertility.”

Instagram: @kerrycollisonart

Degree Show: Viirtual Show launches 25 June 2021.


1. Kerry Collison, When Life Gives You Lemons, 50 lemons, measuring equipment, 2021.
2. Kerry Collison, Reel of Litmus Paper, iron oxide tattoo ink, citric acid, litmus paper, bowl, 2021.
3. Kerry Collison, Dark Space, ultrasound, fridge, magnet, 2021.