Diploma in Portraiture, Heatherley School of Fine Art.

Speaking about her work, Sally Minns says:

“Whilst studying observational portrait painting, I have become interested in the role of the figure within a space. Inspired by colour, pattern and shape, I play with the assumed reality of the observed figure and images from experiences and memories, triggered by this observation. I react to the painting as it develops, allowing my process to be spontaneous and use the texture of the paint to describe the subject. My series of paintings Inside, examines some of the effects on our minds, when freedoms are lost and we are restricted to one indoor space.”


Instagram @sallyminns_art

Degree Show: Heatherley’s Graduate Diploma Exhibition takes place 21-24 July 2021. www.heatherleys.org/

1. Sally Minns, Inside 1, 152x121cm, oil on canvas, 2021.
2. Sally Minns, Inside 2, 100x70cm, oil on canvas, 2021.
3. Sally Minns, Inside 3, 121x152cm, oil on canvas, 2021.