Class of 2021: Scarlett Hope-Gates

BA (Hons) Fine Art, University for the Creative Arts Canterbury campus.

Scarlett Hope-Gates says:

“I am a contemporary mixed media artist who predominantly works with sculpture, but I also create drawings, screen prints and paper cut outs using various materials and techniques. Materiality and concept are not the only focuses of my practice, installation is another important factor. Creating relationships and a narrative between my works within a space, or including space within that narrative, is an exciting part of my practice. The sculptures are people, not physically, but they have emotions, relationships and feelings, and we’re witnessing their acts with one another. Their installation produces combinations that explore intimate moments which we experience throughout life. They’re seen to hang, drip or morph into one another as if they are alive, this is used as a physical representation of how the human body functions. Hand-made paper is used as a casing to protect the sculpture’s initial form, which can be interpreted as a representation of the skin. No single piece has a title as they are interchangeable, no sculpture retains that personality forever, they can adapt or grow over time to become someone or something else, only fully completed installations gain a title as this is the only evidence of a traditionally ‘finished’ piece.”

Instagram: @modernart.sohg

Degree Show: University for the Creative Arts 2021 Graduate Showcase

1. Scarlett Hope-Gates, Untitled, 2021.
2. Scarlett Hope-Gates, Untitled, 2020.

3. Scarlett Hope-Gates, Georges and Louise, their six kids and the cat, detail, 2021.