Degree Shows 2018: uncomfortable landscapes and collaborating with clay

As part of our ongoing 2018 degree shows coverage, a-n members have been taking over the a-n Instagram to report from degree shows at Cardiff Metropolitan University, Wirral Metropolitan College, and Coventry University.

After a first week of a-n Instagram takeovers by a-n members visiting degree shows in Swansea, Dundee and St Helens, our coverage continues with Anna Grace Rogers at Cardiff Metropolitan University, Rebecca Ainsworth at Wirral Metropolitan College, and Janet Tryner at Coventry University.

Tryner spotlights Simone Rose-Blackstock’s paintings Mr Rose and one from her New Generation series, at the Faculty of Arts and Humanities degree show, Coventry University.

Rebecca Ainsworth “enjoys the motion” in Dan Lloyd’s video piece at Wirral Metropolitan College Degree, highlighting his “passion and desire to create original works of art and pushing forward artistic innovation” using artists’ moving image and photography.

Ainsworth also picks out work by Carl Walker, whose photographic work “explores the relationship between presence, absence, and the feeling of eerie in uncomfortable landscapes.” 

Rogers also visited Cardiff School of Art and Design’s show, highlighting work students from Fine Art as well as Ceramics,  including the work of Marek Líška, a sculptor predominantly working in colourful maiolica ceramics.

Rogers says Líška’s work is “underpinned by a belief that all matter is alive and vital. He has sought to collaborate with clay as its own entity by embracing its ability to be moulded whilst never becoming something artificial.”

In the Fine Art degree show, Rogers takes a closer look at Antonella Francesca Chiappa‘s painted installations. She says: “Chiappa’s self portraits present the viewer with an autonomous image of a woman, something that the artist argues is rarely seen in traditional religious art.”

Look out for more Instagram takeovers in the coming weeks as a-n members visit University of South Wales, Glasgow School of Art, Edinburgh College of Art, Birmingham City University, Bolton University, Camberwell College of Art (UAL), Warwickshire College, City & Guilds of London Art School, and The Art Academy, London.

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Images 1. Antonella Francesca Chiappa, installation view of work at Cardiff School of Art and Design degree show, 2018. Photo: Anna Grace Rogers
2. Simone Rose-Blackstock, Mr. Rose, New Generation. Photo: Janet Tryner.
3. Dan Lloyd, video installation, 2018. Photo: Rebecca Ainsworth.
4. Carl Walker, digital photograph, 2018. Photo: Rebecca Ainsworth.
5. Marek Líška, Little shrivelled beetroot hiding from the harsh sun, ceramics installation, 2018. Photo: Anna Grace Rogers.
6. Antonella Francesca Chiappa, installation view of work at Cardiff School of Art and Design degree show, 2018. Photo: Anna Grace Rogers.

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