Bill Vine (1980) is an experimental composer, visual sound artist and ‘luthier electronique’. His current research explores performance practice and the re-use of purpose built electronic musical instruments in experimental music.Bill Vine Recent works include ATV01 (2014), an interactive, audience dependent sound-art installation utilising modified black and white TVs (ATVs) (; ATV02 (2014), an audience dependent performances with the ATVs presented in orchestral formation (; Code-A (2012), a more traditionally composed three movement work for his Large Flat Panel Speakers (LaFPanS), two clarinets, two cellos and electronics ( // //; and Numbers Station (2011), an interactive sound-art installation utilising the LaFPanS ( // // He is currently working on [UNIT] (, a multi sensory audio/visual interactive performance/performance environment. For this project he is collaborating with composer Anthony Bailey ( and visual artist Dan Tombs ( [UNIT] is funded by Arts Council England, Norwich Arts Centre, and supported by Escalator Music and Electronic Sound Magazine. Bill Vine was educated at the University of East Anglia where he completed his PhD in composition. His thesis was entitled “Composing the Instrument: An Alternative Approach to Musical Relationships between Composer, Instrument, Performer and Audience”