I am an award winning multidisciplinary artist with a broad range of experiences in different creative fields. A rich and unique set of skills and more than 25 years of experience in the industry contribute to a creative output that is often based on an active dialogue with people and communities, and an understanding of their needs and potential for change. I use Art and creative expression as a weapon of change. I’m able to inspire people. To implement new dynamics. I will make people dance in the streets. Or I will listen. We will work together. I exhibit, direct and choreograph at international level. My paintings, sculpture and installations, are as important as my performances and public art projects. I enjoy collaborating with other creatives as artistic director of "Build Your Worlds". My tools are objects, space, people...I paint. And I sculpt. I work with movement, generating collective creative processes and transformative dynamics. I can identify, generate, and shape opportunities for participation and public engagement, including teaching and running workshops and education projects. I believe that the collective unconscious has a potential role in the transformation of public space. Our society is defined by mobility and multiculturalism, only the experiences of those involved at any given time in a shared creative activity can bring people together to generate new templates of coexistence . These new models of community should be reflected in a different emotional landscape, bringing art into people's lives, informing architecture and urbanism. This “Contemporary Vernacular” has been shaped by a combination of my studies in different artistic disciplines, and my childhood memories of a Mediterranean's village life in the Spanish mountains of Teruel. Specialities visual arts, public art, painting, sculpture, installation, dance, choreography, direction, community arts, community and architecture, placemaking, workshop design and facilitation, concept development, project managing, project direction, engagement strategies, consultancy, facilitation, cultural development, cultural management, creative producing, funding bids, partnership development, partnership working, program management. London UK