Caryl’s current focus is time lapse video, print making and photography.  time: the indefinite continued progress of existence and events in the past, present and future regarded as a whole (Oxford Dictionary) Her preoccupation with the concept of time has led her to re-examine her practice- viewing previous work from a different perspective. Now the horizon lines and series of moving images, tree lines and hedgerows, tides and waves, seem to mark time. This is a continuing investigation. For many years, she has documented her experiences in the landscape, which have evolved into a visual diary, a journal, which records and reflects  everyday journeys. Travelling pathways often familiar and occasionally unknown, her work acknowledges an appreciation and acceptance of the transient nature of our world and its simple integrity, with a beauty that lies in imperfection and impermanence. Caryl graduated from University of Hertfordshire in 2009 attaining an MA in Fine and Applied Art. Awarded best video prize from Elstree Heritage in 2012 at Eastern Approaches Open Exhibition. She is a former fellow of Digswell Arts located at The Forge Digswell Hertfordshire where she is now a Trustee and print group member. Caryl is a member of The Wynd Artists Gallery  Cooperative located at The Wynd in Letchworth Hertfordshire. Caryl's Studio is located at Dicker Mill Hertford where she will be opening her studio to visitors during HVA Open Studios in September 2019.


Hertford SG13 7AE