Born in the north of england at the end of the 1960s, from a very young age, art has been the proverbial comfort blanket whenever I have needed consolation. Being the second daughter of four children within a large extended family of many cousins, I struggled as a child to be visible and so my ability to draw and paint well, earned me the illusive validation I craved. Despite my high ability in drawing and painting during my formative years, after a brief period of art study at foundation level, I chose to enter the world of work as opposed to pursuing an art degree. During my working life I have continued to create art and have enjoyed some success with selling my work. I also undertook a teaching qualification in 2010 and run recreational art courses and workshops for adults on a casual basis. A recent change in personal circumstance has enabled me to ditch the day job and pursue my art career on a full time professional basis. I live and work in Milton Keynes with my husband and dog. Milton Keynes