Now based in Bristol, Côme continues to develop his creative horizon exploring techniques including air brush, enamel and print making. He blends his raw artistic talent with his 20 years graffiti experience, unifying both of his passions. Côme’s evolution into these mediums is allowing him to introduce extra elements to extend the range of his talents even further. His combination of techniques, unique style and vibrant colours bring to life the surfaces he creates on. Côme is inspired by his past and present experiences and environments, letting his intuition guide him through creative processes. Côme depicts tube trains in his art paying homage to the London graffiti scene, the natural forms he draws represent change and growth and the bridges symbolize strength and unity. To him art is more than being creative, having come out of the other side of addiction, Côme uses his art as a tool to heal and express his emotions, taking him on a journey of self-discovery and well-being. His journey is a testament that change is possible, that there is hope in the hopelessness. Bristol-London