His work is influenced by the music he listens to as he works as well as the artists Mark Rothko and Gerhard Richter. His work is best described as abstract expressionism, although he also works with digital and sound, the choice of medium is influenced by the message he is trying to convey. Predominantly using contrast, through mixing of styles, techniques and bold colour choices he creates a battle for the viewers’ attention. His current paintings are created ‘alla prima’ mixing the oils or acrylics directly on the canvas surface, working fast in rapid strokes, letting the freedom of the moment and sounds influence his movements. This style of working is intense, and always filled with the danger that one stroke too far and the painting is lost. Sometimes the painting will be the end... ...sometimes the painting is ‘digitally remixed'. Using photographs and software, he remixes the original painting to create a different interpretation. This style of working harks back to his childhood. When the remix first began in music. Where a song would be released with a remix as the B-side. Sometimes the remix would become bigger than the original song, it took on a life of its own and would be hardly recognisable to the original sound, but it owed its life to that original song without it, it couldn't exist. Yorkshire, England