Herewood Gabriel was fortunate enough to be born into an artistic family. Inspired by his father’s animation skills he honed his drawing ability to a high level. He studied Illustration at Eastbourne College of Art and Design, and went on to work in a Graphic Design studio in London. Dissolutioned by the commercialism of modern life and his inner hunger for something more meaningful, he looked around for answers. He discovered an artistic/spiritual community, which revolutionised his way of looking at the world and himself. During the next 14 years he practised an alternative style of painting, which so inspired him he still practices and teaches it today. From an early age he loved colour but only really explored it during his green monk days at the community. The technique which inspired him taps into one’s unconscious and brings up images that surprise and also tell a story. Out of these countless ‘Soulscape’ paintings he developed a pack of Storytelling Cards, which many therapists use today. By carrying out repairs and mending things he discovered an aptitude for 3D. This led to making a series of clock sculptures out of recycled materials. He went on to produce large creations, which interacted with wind and light. In 2006 he was commissioned to make a giant lantern for Totnes town procession and produced a 28-foot whale. This blossomed into creating many more big and small lanterns over the years. “ As early as I can remember I have been inspired by the natural world, yet worked from my imagination. Since coming to Greece however, I have discovered the joys of painting directly from life. I now feel I have gone full circle in my artistic practice.” Stroud, Glos, UK