Artist Bio My current creative photography work attempts to capture my hidden disability within my ‘hidden’ concepts, often wittext, and usually from an activism perspective to have a voice. I have had to employ camouflage and masking behaviours to function, being chameleon-like, living with a sense that I did not belong in society. Diagnosed with depression and anxiety over the years by medics, I tried to find answers to my alienation and sense of confusion through exploration of a sense of self through my visual imagery and use of words to manage day to day, from childhood, adolescence and into adulthood. I had lived with undiagnosed Autism and ADHD for 54 years and although sad and sometimes angry, at least everything has now been contextualised for me. I am resolute that I am entitled to be myself and not disabled by the environment, not only for myself but for other neurodiverse individuals. I am drawn to images presented on material, banners, or flags that have a kinaesthetic quality that can represent not only visual changes of the images physicality, as experienced by an audience, but have historical identity and activist properties. West Yorkshire