“A technician will see a bug and fix it. An artist sees a bug and explores it.” I believe the best work emerges from seeking out happy accidents. Using emering technology I strive to create works that take the viewer in new and unexpected directions. Long (long!) ago I created Europe's first projection mapping installation using Super-8 film and mirrors, and since have worked extensively in theatre, film, photography, and computer generated imagery. For my recent MA in Stereo 3D I created a series of immersive 3D environments using lasers and projection mapping which the visitor would physically enter and become a part of. I am currently working on a version of Macbeth that uses stereo 3D projected scenery. Website http://projection.art Article in ARTiculAction magazine http://bit.ly/BataK Video showreel http://bit.ly/KarelShowreel Blog http://bit.ly/ArtyKarel Contact: [email protected] London