My name is Martin Harman, I am British artist based in Somerset UK creating ceramic sculpture and painting. Why do I create art? Creating art lets me step back from the normality of society. It provides me opportunities to learn and explore human potential. The experience of family members passing got me thinking about the nature of reality. It made me realise life is short and that I should make the most out of this life. It got me asking questions. What inspires me? The Historic English Heritage monument Stonehenge in the UK inspires my art. ​Its purpose remains in question. It forces myself to be curious, to learn anew and reflect upon existence. It invites me to think about, belief, spirituality, space, time, reality, imagination, society, life experience, human potential and the desire to ask questions about the universe I am living in. What is my Art? I do not intend to create art that looks like Stonehenge . I use this as a foundation to generate ideas to inform the creation of art to evoke new meaning to you. My art could be seen as an escapism from reality, however there can also be elements recognisable or symbolic to the human experience. ​What is my purpose? ​My purpose is to create art that invites you to be immersed by curiosity, and new experiences. I would like my art to become part of you life as life is full of questions. Somerset, UK