Born in Bushey, Hertfordshire in 1954 and brought up in Harrow, Middlesex I was fortunate enough to get to Harrow Art School where I gained a Fine Art degree. One of my drawing tutors was Ken Howard, I had some wonderful inspiration from him. My qualification at Harrow helped me to start as an apprentice illustrator when I was offered a job in a commercial studio in Holborn, London in the early 1970's. My drawing ability was utilised to the full. I learned to be fast and accurate with my graphic skills. After a couple of years though the illustration path stifled me, and it wasn't what I had originally aspired to; I felt it was far too controlling and someone else's vision. I needed to demonstrate more freedom in expression. I wanted to get back to fine art. I joined art groups and painted solidly to gain experience. Working with some great tutors in Denis Syrett a former president of the ROI and Rod Hamer a great tonal painter and a brilliant jazz trumpeter. I think the most important things they taught me was to firstly never to use photographs as a primary reference and to make the background an integrated part of any painting. My move to Wiltshire in 2008 has meant a new vision and new inspiration. Apart from my own work, teaching is a wondrous way of learning about one's own ability. I take artists on painting holidays and demonstrate to art societies throughout the south of England and Wales. I am fortunate to be invited to work with groups all over the country. My most popular workshops cover from beginner's drawing through to sketching, Life classes and improving painting skills. I love to see the light in my students eyes as they manage to master the use of materials conquer their inhibitions and gain motivation to move forward with their art. I contribute to 'The Artist' with tutorials and product reviews. Wiltshire