Michael Atavar is an artist working with new technologies, making art specific to the worldwide web.

Work draws on the potential intimacy between user and screen. It slows down the pace to the speed of the heartbeat and runs contrary to the madness of the www by using the browser, not as a window of information, but as a landscape for the audience to get lost inside.

Work includes a four-page pull out in The Guardian in 2000 and a commission for BBC online. Digital work includes four walls (2003), iamme (2003), - - - - [four dashes] (2002), windows (2001), .sciis [sensitive cumulative intelligent immersive systems] (2001), … [three dots] (2001), intimacy (2000), duolc (2000), thethingasitisTM (2000), ( : ) [sad/happy] (1999), snow paper scissors rain (1999), * * * * [four stars] (1998).