image of artist Paul Ransay
Paul Ramsay (b. 1959) is an artist exploring radical painting strategies under the influence of such groups as FLUXUS and OULIPO, and artists working across boundaries, such as Yoko Ono, Yves Klein and John Cage. His chosen focus is the use of water-based paint combined with salt, and he has been building a series of interrogative strategies, particularly those involving the reworking or recontextualizing of vernacular painting materials, to produce colourful, celebratory works —as fragile as the environment. Paul has been continually developing his practice, drawing upon his experience at Plymouth University as a fine art lecturer for over twenty years, and, since 2019, as a full-time artist. He is currently taking advantage of new freedoms to make and show work via a number of outlets, including gallery spaces, social media and bookworks. Exeter