Rossanne Pellegrino is a mixed media artist, born in Australia and now based in St Leonards on Sea. Rossanne’s distinctive documentary-style photography and her ability to employ various techniques such as embroidery on photography, photo transfer and Polaroid manipulation have resulted in a diverse body of work; from black and white photojournalism to expressive imagery that blurs the border between photography and the handcrafted. Embedded within her work is a continued exploration of nostalgia, memory and identity. In her most recent series of imagery 'Strange New World', Rossanne explores memory through embroidered photography. She focuses on false memory recall where our recollections of events are adjusted, altered or even fabricated over time. Influences such as age, culture, experience and recalling our memories with what we know about the world at the time of recollection, all impact our memories. Her work also explores the movement of people and transformation of stories across generations; the passing on of family history and how recalled events can change over time. Her title image, 'Strange New World', was part of the Royal Academy of Arts Summer Exhibition 2018. To view Rossanne's online portfolio visit St Leonards on Sea, East Sussex