Ordinary + Ordinary = Extraordinary. The concentration I use to paint great detail gives me satisfaction, my aim is a declaration of the subject's brilliance by virtue of the time I have spent in expressing my admiration. I don't understand what people say, their self-praise, self construction, self election, the more I listen the more I find they don't say anything. I'm not interested in celebrity. For me, it's ordinary + ordinary which makes extraordinary. The honesty of who we are born to, the discovery of learning through our senses, our achievements in our initial learning only acknowledged on an emotional level, uncelebrated and unrecognised throughout life, that's what fascinates me. By combining reality with imagination I hope to create records of events, to juxtapose the forgotten memories with our unacknowledged achievements and thereby transform our world back to our humble, yet exciting beginnings; we are always learning and it is our discovery of achievement emotionally which brings joy. I completed my degree in Visual Art at Salford University in 2003. I draw in pencil and paint in acrylic. Portraits and figurative. Bolton, Manchester, UK