I'm a writer and a lecturer in contemporary art. And I help artists to think through the ideas in their work and to write about it. Since I graduated from the RCA back in 2005 I have lectured in critical and contextual studies at several art schools including London Met, UCA, London College of Communication, Central St Martins, London College of Fashion and Hereford College of Arts. I've also taught the History of Modern and Contemporary Art at the Foundation for International Education since 2008. In 2022 I started The Gallery Companion, a Substack publication, which focuses on art, history, culture and politics. It's about all the chewy, interesting ideas and stuff about life that art explores. I’m interested in the role of art in our world, what its function is, what it does for us, both as makers and viewers. That’s the stuff I write about. And in sentences that actually make sense, without the confusing art speak. https://www.thegallerycompanion.com Bristol